Academic qualification ensures success in life essay

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071802114. Now days without academic excellence its hard to get a good job, people will says that. Even Prime Minister Najib encourage new generation to study well and have a academic excellence and many student that have excellence academic in SPM or STPM has been abroad to study at the oversea.

academic qualification ensures success in life essay

Academic excellence can guarantees a successful life and will make people to be open minded to success in their life and assuring you to get job then get a good salary. But without work hard is not easy to get success in short time. Then use the knowledge for a good thing, because company will not hire people who don’t have academic and lazy to work.

Even have academic excellence can influence your life partner, because their will look at your background and your academic especially their parents who want the daughter get a good life with their future husband. It’s also can make you to be a good leader in your family. Also your parents will proud of you. Ramlee, he become a great director and actor because he have academic excellence and become a successful person in his life. Then Tengku Abdul Rahman who become the first prime minister in Malaysia and get independence for the country, because he have academic excellence.

That why academic is important to people who want to be a successful in life, without knowledge you will get behind. That why Academic excellence is important and can make your future more bright. This will make our country born the new generation with academic and lead to the future.

Even security guards have Diploma and have good salary, some people think that academic don’t guarantees successful life in the future. Their think work hard and never give up is worth to be excellence in their life. But academic excellence now is important for the country to keep rising in the eyes of the world. Have an academic excellence will lead people to a bright future in their life but their also must be hard working person then that can make them successful in life and can find life partner because their parents will look at your background before you can go further with their daughter hand over their responsibility to you. People can achieve a great successful in their life if their have academic excellence.

Eight years ago, how to talk to others and how can you make yourself like a good human. Then Tengku Abdul Rahman who become the first prime minister in Malaysia and get independence for the country, life Goals In my life, if education makes individual successful than in our world our school or college teacher are supposed to be billionaire. The number of sixteen — so they are unhappy until they day of retirement.

Being successful in their life without academic excellence also can, for example people who can sing can be a famous singer because she or he have a talent and become a successful person beside that she or he a person who have work hard and have confident that their will success in their life. For people that have academic excellence can go further with their knowledge and their talent when that has been combine that make you successful in life.

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