An experience that changed your life essay

Today I’m talking as the Geocities Institute’s Head of Research, an advocate for computer users’ rights, and interface design teacher. So I remember very well the moment when Tim O’Reilly promoted the term Web 2. 0 and announced that the time of Rich User Experience has begun.

an experience that changed your life essay

This buzzword was based on Rich Internet Applications, coined by Macromedia,1 that literally meant their Flash product. You didn’t have to submit or click or even scroll anymore, new pages, search results and pictures would appear by themselves, fast and seamless. As Tim O’Reilly states in September 2005 in blogpost What is Web 2. We are entering an unprecedented period of user interface innovation, as web developers are finally able to build web applications as rich as local PC-based applications. 0 was not only about a new way of scripting interactions.

It was an opportunity to become a part of the internet also automagically. No need to learn HTML or register a domain or whatever, Web 2. 0 provided pre-made channels for self expression and communication, hosting and sharing.

No need anymore to be your own information architect or interface designer, looking for a way to deliver your message. In short: no need to make a web page. You wouldn’t have to think about web or web specific activities anymore. 0 was the culmination of approximately seven years of neglecting and denying the experience of web users—where experience is Erfahrung, rather than Erlebnis. 4 So layouts, graphics, scripts, tools and solutions made by naïve users were neither seen as a heritage nor as valuable elements or structures for professional web productions.

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