Australia is a multicultural country essay

We are currently undergoing maintainence, please come back soon. Please forward this error screen to 8de. Get Ready to Pack Your Suitcase Education is meant to broaden the mind, and nothing achieves that better than a term or two studying abroad in a foreign country.

australia is a multicultural country essay

The opportunity to see and experience a different land, to immerse oneself in the culture, and to soak up the historical and artistic legacy of another country is unmatched in its ability to give students a new perspective on themselves and their own homeland. Students of art and architecture will find Spain a surprising mix of Classical, Gothic, and Modern innovation. History, archeology, and social science majors will be fascinated by the country’s long, and sometimes turbulent, history. Whatever the course of study, Spain offers American students a unique opportunity to combine education with life changing cultural experiences.

Modern Spain is a very multicultural country, and American students will have no trouble assimilating once they arrive. While a good command of the Spanish language is a plus, students will find that many Spaniards speak English. Students studying in Spain will find that many of their classes are taught in English. Students will also begin plenty of opportunities to learn Spanish while they are visiting the country.

australia is a multicultural country essay

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