Essay on museum and art gallery

A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. Modern Art Oxford is an art gallery established in 1965 in Oxford, England. From 1965 to 2002, it was called The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford.

essay on museum and art gallery

The gallery presents exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. It has a national and international reputation for quality of exhibitions, projects and commissions, which are supported by a learning and engagement programme with audiences in excess of 100,000 each year. Modern Art Oxford’s premises at 30 Pembroke Street, Oxford were designed by the architect Harry Drinkwater and built in 1892 as a square room and stores for Hanley’s City Brewery. The gallery was founded by architect Trevor Green in 1965.

With funding from the Arts Council of Great Britain, the gallery survived as a venue for temporary exhibitions. It was renamed “Modern Art Oxford” in 2002. Adrian Searle of The Guardian commented, “Perhaps the museum bit was only ever there to confuse tourists and convince gowny academic Oxford that modern art was worth taking seriously.

Several transitory directors oversaw the gallery until Nicholas Serota became director in 1973, with Sandy Nairne as assistant director. Elliott’s programme focused on media that were often ignored by bigger public galleries at the time, such as photography, architecture and graphic design. Under Elliott’s directorship, MoMA held photography exhibitions such as the Robert Doisneau Retrospective in 1992.

Elliott’s replacement, an American from Los Angeles, Kerry Brougher, preferred larger shows of American and European art, and, like Elliott, exhibitions focusing on film and media. Brougher was replaced by Andrew Nairne, who renamed the gallery, coordinated additional enhancements to the building, and donated the gallery’s substantial library of art books and catalogues to Oxford Brookes University. Michael Stanley assumed the directorship in January 2009. David Thorp assumed interim directorship in October 2012 following the death of Michael Stanley.

Essay on museum and art gallery

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