Essay on oedipus rex as a tragedy

The involved characters may be one or more. Hubris is a person like Oedipus in this play who tricks himself.

essay on oedipus rex as a tragedy

It has all the hallmarks of Greek tragedies. This includes the downfall of the character of high status or power, the hero’s suffering because of hamartia, and his hubris that causes the error. In ancient greek culture, the idea of having gods determining the fate of the civilians was common. The actions taken by the citizens are purely based around fate, and in no way are related to doing things by choice. Elements of Tragedy in Oedipus Rex It is not the tragic subject matter of the text that is of primary interest – but rather the manner in which the plot is developed.

The story line progresses as if the reader is “unpeeling an onion. Sophocles had a way of tabling his characters linking their actions with the thematic concerns in his literary oeuvres. Sophocles is a tragedy of a man who unknowingly kills his father and marries his mother. However, the tragic ends for the characters were not ordained or set by fate, but rather caused by certain characteristics belonging to that person.

It is a calamity he or she was destined to. In the beginning, the play slowly starts to unfold until Oedipus realizes a mistake, and downwards spiral begins. The first drama, on which all later works are based, developed in Greece and dealt with religious and social issues. Aristotle said that the hero, or at least the main character in a tragedy must be essentially good, but must bring upon himself his fall, due to a fatal flaw.

The play slowly starts to unfold until Oedipus realizes a mistake, and is considered one of the finest works from this phase of the composer’s career. She is completely obsessed by one idea, choaí were poured while the dust still covered the corpse.

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