Gmat analysis of an argument essay

The Argument task presents a statement of a position. The candidate is required to analyze the logic of the given position and suggest how and where the reasoning may be faulty or require improvement.

gmat analysis of an argument essay

The student is given 30 minutes for this essay. The scoring for the Analytical Writing section is on a scale of 0-6. If the human and computer scores differ significantly, the score is sent to a second expert reader for final evaluation.

The questions involve interpretation of tabular, graphical and written information from a variety of sources. Each question is independent and may have more than one part, but one prompt may be used for more than one question. Follow the links to explore these types of math question. There are 37 questions to be solved in 75 minutes. The level of math knowledge should be within the grasp of an 11th Grade student.

However, the level of reasoning required is quite high. You can click on the links to try out questions of each type.

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