Legalization of marijuana for medical use essays

Although many have made malicious remarks about it in the past, and even still in the present, the truth and beneficial facts of marijuana are finally resurfacing. I will be exploring two papers, the first is Prohibition Works: Keeping Marijuana Illegal, the second is Legalization of Marijuana.

legalization of marijuana for medical use essays

For years marijuana has been referred to as a bad drug but just recently people are now understanding that marijuana has so many uses towards medicine. The United States views marijuana as an illegal substance within its borders. This law seems simple, but a huge curveball has been thrown the government’s way: medical marijuana. Why is marijuana not legal in the state of Nebraska if it has been proven to help others in other states. This movement has grown immensely as a hot topic issue since 1996, when it began in California.

Friday the federal government ruled that has no accepted medical use and should remain classified as a highly dangerous drug like heroin. Currently the community is divided on the issue. How does it affect the body?

The ministry will review the amendments before sending them to the cabinet, there are currently many people who use marijuana legally to suppress their illness. A short consultation of the internet can take one to the legislation that originally made its possession illegal – the War on Drugs: Is It Working?

legalization of marijuana for medical use essays

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