Narrative essay about meeting a stranger

But it had to come out because if it were to rupture, I could go into septic shock. And we had to test it to rule out cancer. Since we couldn’t remove it while I was pregnant, my doctor explained that I would need major surgery within a year of having my baby.

narrative essay about meeting a stranger

Admittedly, I break out in boob sweat at the mere thought of a hospital. The idea of surgery produced full-body shudders. Caught up in the thrill of new motherhood, I was able to put the grapefruit out of my mind. The days were joyful blurs of nursing, diapering and binge-watching my son, Owen, as though he were a TV.

In the middle of the night, however, my postpartum mind replayed worst case scenarios on loop. What if I didn’t wake up? I pictured a knife slicing through skin, flesh, muscle and organ.

I imagined a version of Owen’s life without me in it. Me being me, I waited the full year, just before Owen’s first birthday. I wanted to face my fears like a mother, bravely and gracefully, but I was struggling. From the backseat of a taxi, my husband and I watched the sun rise over the East River, as we headed to the hospital, quietly holding hands.

Handing the nurse my belongings felt uncomfortably symbolic. Here are my jeans, I thought, riddled with nerves. My purse, my dreams, my life.

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