PHL 251 Week 2 Individual Creative Thinking

Contacting British Airways Customer Service Center British Airways is a global airline. According to the company description, the airline specializes in helping customers reach major airports throughout the world.

If you want to learn more about booking a flight, available flights, customer service or the company in general, you can access the official website. Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience. Contact Info: Phone Contact Numbers If you need to contact British Airways, there are multiple contact numbers. The first number we’ve listed is the general customer service number. Your call can be directed to multiple departments using this main number.

Mailing Address There are various addressees for customer relations depending on the type of support the customer needs. Customers can search for flights, sign up for rewards programs, book travel extras and plan entire London vacations all from the site. On the bottom of the page you can find the contacts and additional help if needed. Customer Service Email We looked for a dedicated customer service email on the British Airways website and we were unable to find one. Our Experience We called the customer service line for British Airways.

The call was picked up by an automated service. We were given a series of options. We sorted through the maze of options before being connected to a customer service agent. The agent spoke with a British accent, which we thought was a great touch. Our call was accidentally disconnected before our question on travel was answered so we called back again.

An email inquiry to British Airways customer service department resulted in a response from a customer service representative. We expected an answer to our general question within a few hours, but unfortunately, British Airways responded in 4 days. I’m sorry we have been unable to reply to you sooner.

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