Title for an essay about child abuse

We are currently undergoing maintainence, please come back soon. The investigation began in January 1995 when Detective Robert Perez was told by his 13-year-old foster daughter, Donna Perez, that she had been sexually molested.

title for an essay about child abuse

She said she had been raped or molested by almost every adult she knew, and that the same molestation had occurred to almost every other child she knew. Many of the people convicted were poor, mentally retarded and on welfare, and their lawyers stated that their guilty pleas were coerced. Forty-three adults were arrested on 29,726 charges of child sex abuse, involving 60 children in 1995. Parents and Sunday school teachers were charged, and many were convicted of abusing children, often including their own, or their foster children. Prosecutors were unable to provide any physical evidence to support the charges.

Perez was the investigator of the cases. Those who were convicted were freed by higher courts and had their convictions overturned or pleaded guilty on lesser charges. Five served their full sentences before their cases were overturned. By 2000, the last person in custody, Michael Rose, was released, after a judge vacated his March 1995 convictions. In 1996, a consultant, retired Bellevue Police Chief D.

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