Uses & misuses of internet essay

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uses & misuses of internet essay

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Harris states that religion contains bad ideas, calling it “one of the most perverse misuses of intelligence we have ever devised”. He compares modern religious beliefs to the myths of the Ancient Greeks, which were once accepted as fact but which are obsolete today. Harris advocates a benign, noncoercive, corrective form of intolerance, distinguishing it from historic religious persecution.

He promotes a conversational intolerance, in which personal convictions are scaled against evidence, and where intellectual honesty is demanded equally in religious views and non-religious views. Harris considers Islam to be “especially belligerent and inimical to the norms of civil discourse”, relative to other world religions. He asserts that the “dogmatic commitment to using violence to defend one’s faith, both from within and without” to varying degrees, is a central Islamic doctrine that is found in few other religions to the same degree, and that “this difference has consequences in the real world.

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uses & misuses of internet essay

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